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Futuristic Gaming Chair or Gaming Setup?
Futuristic Gaming Chair or Gaming Setup?

Themed desk spaces or minimalist style gaming room decor seem good before the futuristic gaming chair coming. It arrives with a great idea of all sophistication set up in an integrated product. It is still getting some gamers a dilemma. Well, we will make it clear for you here!

Gaming Setup

Let’s start with the classic one. Simply, we can say that all you need to put are a gaming chair, something to control your game, and another thing to display. It will get much different when you have chosen between PC Setup and Console Setup.

1. PC Setup

At least, you need to have PC gaming, gaming chair, desk, keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

2. Console Setup

It consists of a floor-level gaming chair, couch or bean bag, TV screen, handheld game controllers, video game console.

In fact, for higher comfort, it usually needs more accessories. First, you will need a set of speakers if you want a better quality of sound. Second, you also need a cable manager to keep it all in control. The last, a mini-fridge or at least a can holder to support you keep hydrated while playing.

Futuristic Gaming Chair

The first question that might be asked first is “how good is it?”. It combines all of the things you have to set up in the first choice. It even provides greater support to produce maximum comfort. Let’s talk about one of them, the G-Dragon Gaming Chair. One of the most sophisticated gaming chairs nowadays.

You will get much more than a “gaming chair” by this. Don’t need any more setup, because it’s all installed with the chair. Supported by three wide monitors more than 34 inches each. Also provided by full touch screen control with double mechanical armor, curves, and edges. Fully adjustable back angle, headrest, and waist pad to give optimum comfort while you are sitting on it for hours. The best you can get to perform in relief. 

This futuristic gaming chair also provides other great features to support your body. Massage heating will be your neck’s best friend, healing without stop playing. Water cup refrigeration is the second great friend to keep you hydrated, anytime you want hot or cold water. 

It’s true that we talk about a big sophisticated chair. But, when you have to spend more than $20.000 for a room set up. Then why don’t you buy the greater one? Get all you need from a futuristic gaming chai and you will know how fabulous is it to be real!

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